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Your wedding will be one of the most important event of your life and should be followed by professionals.  We offer our experience, technical skills and love for our work. We aim to create a photo shoot that will remain exciting in the future, made with sensitivity, discretion and attention to everything. We will never be invasive, but we will definitely collect the best of this important event.


We are an enthusiast team, we are versatile and able to handle any situation thanks to our skills in photography, video, graphics and human connections. Professionality, sensitivity and passion for the our work are our keypoints. We like to compare the art of photography to the cooking: only the knowledge and the creativity of the chef combined with the finest ingredients can create a memorable dish!


We were born and raised in Tuscany, a beautiful land, rich in history, art and natural beauty. Definitely our wedding photography dip his roots in a fertile soil. Volterra is our hometown and from that hill we learned to see the world and to appreciate and respect the diversity. Our region offers a unique location for your wedding, however we are excited to work and capture the beauty of other places as Destination Photographer in Italy.



Vittorio Marrucci

Photographer and video maker. He studied Photography at the trienniale della Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence, winning at the end, the scholarship. Some of his works have been exhibited in Italy and Abroad. He live the photography as a tool for personal and collective growth. He say is looking for the enlightenment.


Simone Stanislai

Photographer and dreamer with a past as Archeologist. His shy attitude hide a sensitive and curious mind. He wears glasses but despite his myopia has a sharp and poetic view of the world. Occasionally is a bit 'irresponsible and reckless': is convinced that he need a good dose of adrenaline in order to take a good picture! He loves the nature, the mountains and the silence.


Antonio Bartalozzi

Photographer, filmmaker, graphic artist and musician. He discover photography playing with his father's old analogue Pentax, spending several hours of his adolescence in the darkroom. He graduated in History and Preservation of Artistic Heritage with a dissertation on Giuseppe Cavalli and Il Gruppo della Bussola. Photography is for him a curious look on the surrounding world, but also a tool of analysis and knowledge.

"Looking, observing, seeing, imagining, inventing, creating."

(cit. Le Corbusier, 1965)

We believe in this, moved by the desire to discover, the urge to generate emotions and the taste of capturing. We offer our special point of view to describe the day of your wedding. 

We are three young professionals of the image, three sensitive and scrupulous personalities, three points of view on the world. 

We decided to work in a team aware that the combination of our skills and peculiarities would produce something special.

Our mutual trust is a value on your benefit. 

We believe it does still worth to tell stories through images and we are confident that these stories can defy the time. 

We come from different experiences in the field of the photographic research. Experiences made of curiosity, instinct and technical skills. The Photography for us is the passion, the need to comunicate, is the life itself. From this special mixture is born Volterra Wedding Photographers, in Tuscany.



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+39 347 1801436 - Antonio

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